Before being convicted of and sentenced for murder, the dynamic leader and Democratic party operative, D. C. Stephenson, amassed a fortune recruiting membership in the Klan.
Originally published April 16, 2021, on Bari Weiss’ blog on Substack at "You Have to Read This Letter"
With abundant clarity and evidence, Gregory Hilton responds to vaccine sycophant Alison Williams’ outrageous smear of Dr. Andrew Wakefield.
The Land of Israel has never been completely abandoned by the original people who lived there since the time of Abraham.
Employing the Christian iconic mother figure, the song, "Mary's Prayer," offers a marvelous corroboration of concepts between Christianity, taught by…
There is nothing "democratic" about today's Democratic Party.
The American Democratic Party is not ideologically akin to libertarianism; in fact, the Republican Party's ideology is more libertarian in nature…
As a writer and a thinker, I offer this musing as I ask the question: is it really possible to help others in any important way or must we only help and…
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